There must be something in the water down there in Finksburg, MD. I’m telling ya – every time a Finksburg family books a session with me, it’s just perfect! The sweetest, most adorable families live there… The cuteness is just unreal. And the Cole family was anything but short of it!

Krista booked with me when she won a free session from her kid’s elementary school. I had donated it for a rundraiser they had there and she was the winner! So I got to meet her hubby Troy, and their three adorable daugheters, Reagen, Aislin, and Maryn. She was worried about how Maryn would do, being two, but she loved it! They were so much fun… We met at Codorus on (what started off as) a breezy Spring evening – then as the hour went on, turned to be sticky and humid! But luckily we were finished before it was too bad!


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I’m so blessed to have such an amazing partner in my life.



He is truly my rock. When I’m not feeling confident, he builds me up and encourages me beyond words. When I’m happy, he just gives me even MORE reasons to be. When I try something new, he tries it along with me. When I bring something home from the store for the house that I think is ohhh sooo cute… he does too. Even if he doesn’t. He is my best advice. My best critic. My strongest ally. My soul.

He works full-time, goes to school part-time, and has two days a week to just relax at home, or do whatever he wants while I’m working weddings or shoots on weekends. But what does he do more often than not? He comes too. I love looking across the room and seeing him watching the reception, knowing I get to take him home with me. Each wedding, I hear the vows… and it takes me back to ours. It’s such a sweet reminder each and every time. How God handpicked each of us for the other. How he picked him for me. Me for him.  And he doesn’t just come along to crash the wedding, sit in the back on his phone, or take advantage of the champagne… He loves it. He helps out. He carries things in. He’ll set up. He mingles. He carries the train. He suggests poses. He carries my equipment. He laughs with us. He holds the doors. He patiently waits while I shoot hair and makeup prep. He assists the caterers. He asks me for a dance. He loves me.

I remember the moment I knew God was telling me it was the right time to stop sitting behind a desk and have somebody else sign my paychecks. It was like a whisper in my ear… a tug on my heart. “Its time. Do it. Go. Fly.” So I did. That day. I did. I have never just up and left anything, anywhere. But it was the time. And I was scared. But I did it. We did it.

I remember my first week “working from home”. I just didn’t know what to do with myself! Is this really happening?? I had always dreamed of just being home and cozy and taking care of things and especially once we have little babies, I would be able to be here for them full-time. So the fact that I was saying goodbye to the repetitious 9-5 routine, was not setting in just yet.

It was September 5th. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Within one week of me deciding to work from home and meet this business owning thing head on, my herniated disc (that I had fixed with surgery back in ’06) started to act up again. I was in excruciating pain for almost two weeks. Couch. Urgent Care. Pain meds. Heating pad. Hot bath. Crawling up the stairs. Watching movies. Feet up. Back flat. Pinched nerves… It. Absolutely. Sucked. One of the nights it was about 1:30am and I just couldn’t bear the pain… I never – and I repeat – NEVER – want to go to the doctors, let alone the hospital. But I looked at him and he looked at me and could see the pain through my tears – loaded me up in the back of the Jeep (top down, doors off) and drove me to Carroll County Hospital Emergency Room. That ride was the best I’d felt in the entire ten or so days since this had sprung up. Gazing at the stars and feeling the chilling breeze distracted me from the pain I was in. And he made sure to blare some SOJA so we had something to keep us awake… I couldn’t even stand up once we got there. I laid in the parking lot. I laid on the floor. I laid in the bed. Shots, pills, and a few hours later – we went home. He took care of me for several more weeks until it healed. Cooked, cleaned, went to work, went to school… God’s timing truly was perfect. If I was still working for someone else full-time, I would have had to quit anyway. But without him, I am sure someone would have helped me… But I’m glad it was him. Because he’s just so good at it. And he’s so darn cute…..

So my back healed up as best it could… Still a tingly toe or two but hey – could be worse. Shoots kept pouring in. Weddings kept booking. He kept supporting. God has blessed us tremendously. It’s incredible. Take the plunge with faith – you will be rewarded. He believed in me and knew I could do this. When I would break down, scared, feeling like a failure – here I just quit my job and now can’t even move off of the sofa – he just kept encouraging me. It doesn’t matter if I’m in pain or not. He just continues. He edits my website postings. He reads over my contracts. He critiques my images. He keeps me on track. All while he works hard at his own job. And school. And life.

I just love him.

Follow him on Instagram. @_olllllo. (It’s the front of a JEEP, hehe.) His photos are so good. I love his eye. Such an intricate and sensitive style. He loves his macro lens. I’m dying to get him one for the dslr since he is just using his phone right now. But I’m just so proud of him. Proud of who he is. Proud of who we have become as a couple. As partners. As friends. I hate to brag – I just can’t help but to count my blessings. And he’s my #1. I would be lost without him. I wouldn’t be me. I would be incomplete.


Love you babe. This one’s for you. Life is so fun together. <3

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  • Bekah - Okay, so, this made me cry at work :) Kirs, you have a beautiful way with words, as you do with images. The love & life you & Ty share is just so special. I love the way you promote each others strengths & encourage each other in times of weakness. You guys constantly remind me to be better at loving others and enjoying the life & moments we are given. You guys are just FULL OF LIFE, and it’s awesome. :) <3ReplyCancel

Back in the day, my mom and her friend Sharon were roomies, and later ended up moving within a few miles of each other and their husbands. Sharon had three boys, and when she was pregnant with her fourth- Carson, mom was pregnant with Jesse. The moment these boys met, they were best friends… They’ve grown up together and stayed close ever since.

So needless to say, Jess was the best man at Carson and Cait’s beautiful wedding… and I was blessed to be selected as their photographer. It’s been so cool to grow up and with all of our friends… seeing them get married, buy houses, have kids… And now watching my brother and his friends do the same (even though they’re only a couple years behind us…) is equally as touching. Cait is so cute! She’s so perfect for Cars and I have really enjoyed getting to know more! As a couple, they’re so down to earth and simple and true… It’s so warming to see a love that you know will truly last a lifetime and beyond! Best wishes to these two beautiful souls! Their song is “Forever Like That” by Ben Rector… A song I hadn’t heard until their wedding… The ceremony and reception was planned to be outside on Cait’s church’s property with a big beautiful tree to marry underneath of, and a vast open field for big tents and dancing… However, Mother Nature had other plans, and it rained…. alll….. dayyy. So thankfully, the church building was available and it worked out perfectly! Three days before the wedding day, the families switched gears and got ready for everything to be inside! And it went great! As I was on my way to the church that morning to spend the day with the bridesmaids and Cait, preparing, paiting fingernails, decorating, and anticipating, I listened to their song and immediately got goosebumps and the tears started flowing… Jesse and Tori – “JandTTime” – sang the songs for the dances… I just LOVE their voices together. And as I shot, I cried. The simple sweetness in their dance, watching the moments they shared together, the beautiful music that was being played as they danced, my pride in my brother as he has become so talented and moving through his voice and his guitar playing… I was fighting to see through my tears as I snapped away… You could hear a pin drop in that room. So the night carried on with dancing, cake, laughter, and a sparkler lit firetruck getaway! Yes, the couple rode away on a firetruck! So cute… God bless you guys! Thank yo so much for having me… It was an honor! You two are inspiring in your love in Christ and as a witness to other couples!KSP_0030.jpg

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